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How Do You Get MRSA

I am not a doctor but a father of 4. MRSA has run through our house more than once and over the years I have learned a sure fire way to beat it without doctors and without prescriptions. I am going to share it with you and hope you have the same results. Please note that this website should not serve as medical advice for any serious medical conditions. Always consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner if a condition persists.

MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus can be very serious and scary. You can see that by doing a Google Search for pictures of MRSA. The good news is that if you catch it early, you have a good chance of getting rid of MRSA without many problems. It’s the MRSA infection that you let go that can possibly get very scary fast.


MRSA is a common antibiotic resistant Staph Bacteria and some call it MRSA a Super Bug. Believe it or not actually lives commonly on people. 20-30% of us have MRSA living in our nostrils.

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This is another MRSA Infection on my leg

MRSA Infections can infect people all over the body and the severity of the symptoms can depend on where the MRSA occurs. In most cases the MRSA causes small painful welts similar looking to a nasty pimple but very tender and painful when messed with. MRSA is contagious so always wash your hands and body well if you have MRSA Infections.
I first heard about MRSA Staph Infections through a friend and was horrified. I was told of a bacteria that is immune to antibiotics and caused nasty welts on the body that grew and grew until you died. A bit more dramatic than the reality of MRSA in most cases. At the time I did’nt know much about it and it sounded like something out of a horror movie.

Is MRSA Contagious?

A few months later I noticed a small ingrown hair on my stomach and did what most people normally do. I tried to pop it. The next day I had a painful quarter sized welt in it’s place and by day 3 I had an ever more painful massive golf ball sized oozing abscess that came with a low grade fever. I remember what my friend told me and I panicked. I jumped in the car and flew to the emergency room knowing I must have this MRSA that I heard about.

Turns out that I did in fact have MRSA. Doctors hooked me up to an IV and gave me a bunch of antibiotics. They were going to cut the wound to drain the puss, I told them I can make it come out. I wraped my fingers around the excruciating wound and squoze. Very Gross and a lot of puss came out. Long story short, it finally did go away and left a little scar.

In the process of all this I was very concerned that it would come back and that MRSA is highly contagious. So I asked the Doctor several questions about how do you get MRSA, how you can avoid MRSA, where MRSA lives etc. I am going to share this information later in this site. However good to note that he did tell me to pick up a bottle of Hibiclens Liquid Skin Cleanser to kill dormant MRSA Bacteria living on the body and skin.

One day while at the store waiting in line for a prescription to be filled a woman overheard me talking about MRSA on the phone with my wife. She kindly mentioned that she knew what can get rid of MRSA. “Oh yea..?” I said kind of embarrassed by the comment but intrigued none-the-less. She mentioned a product and said I can get it online. I went home found it and ordered it in case the MRSA came back.

Fast forward several months

.. Was changing my 2 year old’s diaper and noticed a small pimple like abscess on his back side. He pointed to it and said “owey”. Made me concerned. The next day sure enough it was larger and he was really complaining about it. I knew the MRSA was back but this time on my little guy. I was very stressed and worried he was going to go through the same thing I did. I remembered the product I had ordered and decided to try it.